Eve Online: TimeCard (30 дней) + Бонус: Игровые предметы

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ТimeСard содержит специальный код, позволяющий оплатить  30 дней игрового времени онлайн игры Eve Online. Тайм карты заменяют собой кредитные карты.

Внимания - акция!

Код включает в себя следующие бонусы (активируются после ввода кода на сайте игры):

1) Корабль Aliastra Catalyst

Ideally suited for both skirmish warfare and fleet support, the Catalyst is touted as one of the best anti-frigate platforms out there. Faced with its top-of-the-line tracking equipment, not many can argue. Aliastra purchased a large fleet of Catalysts several years ago, to protect its inter-Empire shipping routes. Subsequent evaluations determined that the Catalyst was considerably over-gunned for many of its safer routes, so 30% of their hulls were sold off and replaced by cheaper frigates. Some of these ships have since been retro-fitted for capsuleer use, and their distinctive color scheme makes them something of a collector's item.

2) Cerebral Accelerator
Cerebral accelerators are military-grade implants that significantly increase a new pilot's skill development. This technology is usually available only to naval officers, but CONCORD has authorized the release of a small number to particularly promising freelance capsuleers. This implant primes the brain's neural pathways and hippocampus, making it much more receptive to intensive remapping. This allows new capsuleers to more rapidly absorb information of all kinds, and as a bonus also enhanced spatial processing abilities that are critical for weapons handling. The only drawback to this implant is that capsuleer training renders it ineffective after a while; as such, it will cease to function for pilots who have been registered for more than 35 days.

3) Destroyers skillbook

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Требуется наличие игрового аккаунта Eve Online.

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Доставляется моментально , сбоев не было. Спасибо!


Все супер, постоянно беру тут, это 10 покупка, какой нибуть бы бонус дали. кроме 50 рублей скидки =( цены растут...