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Latest feedback

Petr Asyanov
Excellent, I recommend
Everything is working!
Super! Everything has come
Everything has come!
Aleksandr Krasnyy
Everything is great!!! Thanks!!!
Ayza Babab
I recently wrote about the Glamor Vintage catalog, where my key was not activated. Support was in touch, and in the end they sent me a new key to replace the old one, because apparently Origin became dull during activation. Thank you very much for getting in touch. There were no problems with this catalog, everything is already swinging. Thanks igroshop.
The key came immediately, everything is fine
Sayt ne otobrazhaet realnye ceny
There are no complaints about the work: the codes come and work. However, displaying prices is a whole problem: one price is indicated on the site, the second price is written directly when placing an order, much higher, and then the bank also throws it on top. As a result, in reality, it turns out 20 percent, or even a third more expensive!
Ivan Titov
I have been looking for the key to the game for a very long time. I found it here, bought it with distrust and did not regret it)) The key came right away, there were no problems with activation
Tatyana Chi
Thank you very much for the opportunity to purchase the catalog!
At least somewhere you can buy games from Russia) Instantly everything came, the game was activated. I'm waiting for it to download and sit down to play :))
Katya Gerasimenko
Everything is super, everything works. The purchase is fast, everything comes at once. Thanks ))
Aleksandr Schepilov
All sent super
I searched in many stores and finally found it. Thank you for the product
The code came quickly, everything works. Thank you so much!
Nikita Rudenko
Everything is working
everything is fast and cool
Kseniya Lerman
I only buy here
Kseniya Lerman
Thanks for playing, it's great