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Thank you very much, everything is fast, clean, honest! I will buy from you again!
Everything is fine!
quick and convenient
Who doubts, as I doubted at the first purchase - be sure it really works. I paid (with a commission), the activation code appeared immediately on the page after the payment page. Now I will probably register all the same for further purchases. Thank you!
Regina Eule
Everything is fine! Thank you
Regina Eule
I received the key immediately after payment, thank you
The code came immediately, I had no problems with activation. Thanks for your work!
Everything is fast, no problem. I paid, received the codes and activated in EA. I buy dopas here regularly, I have never had any problems :)
Ekaterina Komissar
I advise. Everything is working!
Ekaterina Komissar
Everything came and everything works!!
key working
Fast, convenient and safe
Andrey Petrancov
Everything is fine. Thank you!
Andrey Petrancov
Everything is clear and fast.
Tatyana Shamrina
Thank you! I really wanted this set. I waited a long time when it will appear with you, because I really like you.
The key came right away. Activated through the Microsoft store, everything worked out. The language in the game is Russian.
Ai momento- un momento! Si!
I buy here not the first time, everything is fast. The key is immediately activated, life is beautiful :)
Valeriya Murasheva
Everything is fine, as usual, the code works
Nika Palvinskaya
I paid - they immediately sent the code, entered the code - everything downloaded. Go nuts, don't get up, thank you for being you!