Prepaid cards


Most of the products are automatically shipped as a key through the "My Orders" in your account.

Our store ships boxed editions to all countries of Europe, the CIS and the Middle East. The shipment time depends on the specific country / region and the product. On average, the shipment to major cities of CIS countries is carried out within 7-12 days (about 16 days to remote regions). The shipment to countries of Europe and the Middle East is carried out on average within 10 days. The recommended way for sending boxes is the Express-mail (EMS). There are the following ways for sending products via the USA mail (the average shipment time in working days is indicated):
  • Express mail - 8-9 days ($ 59.00) *
  • Air mail / Priority Mail - 12-16 days ($ 27.50) *
Prices are given per 1 regular item. Each additional product sent in the same parcel costs 8 dollars.

* In case of order of the collector's edition, our website automatically calculates the cost of the delivery, depending on the weight of the box. Please note that the stated delivery time is approximate. During holidays there may be delays at the post office or customs. The dates are given according to the website after the parcel has arrived in your country. company is not responsible for the operation of the mail services. An additional payment is added for the shipment of the collector's boxes due to the weight and the size of the editions (the cost of sending will be calculated automatically during the order processing).